• Porter - inspired by the historic Porter style. The perfect limited edition drink for those cold nights.

        The Brown Porter owes its character (and color) to the dark malts three of which are used in our recipe! The balance in terms of mouthfeel gives predominance to the malt at the expense of hops. The outcome is a beer of dark-brown color, with ruby hues, good translucence and cream foam. 

        Style: Brown Porter
        Alcohol content by Volume: 5%
        Ingredients: water, pale, dark and roasted malts, 2 different types of hops, brewer's yeast
        Colour: dark brown
        Aroma: Caramel, chocolate, hint of roasted nuts
        Mouthfeel: rich, slightly bitter texture, medium-dry finish
        Body: Medium body and carbonation
        Serving Temperature: 7-12 degrees Celsius
        Food Pairing: A variety of meats (steak, ribs) and sweet cheeses

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    Персонализирано търсене
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